Product Description

Product Details:



Motor Power


Frequency (Hz)


Washing height (mm)


Height of system (mm)


Width of system (mm)


Fresh water connection, volume (l/min)


Fresh water connection, pressure (bar)

4 / 6

Rated input power (kW)


Voltage (V)


Frequency (Hz)


Number of current phases (Ph)


Features and benefits:

High-quality control system:
  • The CB 3's well-engineered control unit is compatible with Karcher Fleet fleet management.

Water saving mode:
  • The CB 3 needs 20 liters of fresh water per run.
  • Cost reduction for the operator.
  • A significant contribution to resource conservation.

Built-in high-pressure pump:
  • The powerful high-pressure unit (1300 l/h 70 bars) is mounted on the system.
  • Space-saving, since no additional technical room is necessary.

Express wash for higher vehicle throughput
  • A high vehicle throughput is possible thanks to the quick wash program.
  • Very low or no waiting times increase customer satisfaction.
  • Best possible utilization of the system's capacity and the highest possible return for the operator.

Opti Drop Stop:
  • The "Opti Drop Stop" innovation prevents water from dripping onto the vehicle after the wash is complete.
  • Guarantees a perfect drying result.

Foam polish for high customer satisfaction:
  • The conservation program with foam polish ensures visible, long-term protection with repairing effect

Visible application of wheel rim foam:
  • By applying foam that the customer can see, he can be sure that he is getting his money's worth

Application Areas:
  • Convenient and economical automatic vehicle exterior cleaning

Item Code:
  • 1.534-0032


An optimal, glossy and dry result guarantees that your customers will be satisfied. What's more, our CB 3 gantry car wash is fitted with the Opti Drop Stop system on request. When drying begins, water dropping off the roof brush is caught in a gutter and directed away from the vehicle. At the same time, the valves close in the spraying arch, preventing subsequent dripping of the water. Your customers will be impressed by the waxing program with foam RM 837 foam polish (VDA-compliant class A). This not only ensures a hard-wearing care film but also smooths over small scratches in the paintwork. For you as the operator, the washing bay also offers additional interesting advantages with its versatile equipment options. The system only requires 20 liters of fresh water per run and is also compatible with Karcher Fleet Management. This allows you to stay up to date in real time on the CB 3's current condition and the services it has performed, to analyze errors straight away and solve them online if necessary, and save on unproductive access routes
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