Air Line Retriever

Air Line Retriever
Air Line Retriever
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Product Code : 03
Brand Name : Hohner
Product Description

CHM-001 'Chameleon' - Geolograph / Air Line Retriever


Part Number: CHM - 00X 

Pneumatic powered 'winch' with up to 100m of stainless steel cable for monitoring the position of the travelling block


Patent Pending:

Anti-Tangle System  /  Anti-Slip System  /  Magnetic Braking Mechanism


Video of destructive testing (and consequences of having no reverse braking mechanism)



Machinery Directive

ATEX for System

Encoder certification depends on encoder



Technical Data Product Highlights
Operating temp: - 20 ...+   60 degrees C -Light weight at 45kg
- 4 ...+ 140 degrees F
Certification: Depends on Encoder -Easy access to air regulator and encoder connection
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Protection: IP 20 (structure) -100m (3mm) of cable allowing spare cable to be reeled out
Material Structure: Aluminum Profiles

Mechanism: Stainless Steel

-Periscope ‘system’ to lift cable away from nearby obstacles

Material Pulleys: Stainless Steel
Material Cable: Stainless Steel -Internal mechanism prevents tangles and slippage of cable
Material Covers: Aluminum
  -Magnetic brake system prevents runaway cable
Function Details
Air Entrance 4 bar -Easy to replace drum in the field
Pneumatic Motor Gast 6AM NRV 22 A
Max Linear Speed: 4 linear meter/s -Various electrical output options available
Encoder Type: Any NAMFPX Encoder
Cable Strength: 522 Kg


Anti Tangle / Slip Mechanism Output Options from Encoder
Patent pending mechanism ensures the cable  Any variation of the NAMFPX draw-works encoder series
winds nicely layer by layer, guaranteeing a tangle  
and slip free operation  


ATEX for System

Machinery Directive
User Manual
Please click here for PDF installation and user manual