Fumigition Equipments

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Detector Strips

These are paper strips impregnated with sensing chemicals by a special process for semiquantitative measurement of phosphine. The strip on exposure to PH3 gas changes its colour. The time it takes to change the colour is related to the PH3 gas concentration. They are used for checking the fumigated area after aeration and to see if the area is safe for entry. These strips can also be given to the workers as badges when they are working in/near fumigated stacks.

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Gas Leak Detection

UNIPHOS Fumispec-Lo is a battery operated microprocessor based portable instrument for the measurement of SO2F2 in the range of 0-100ppm. It is mainly designed for Leak detection, during and after fumigation. Can also be used for monitoring for personal protection and safety.

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Portable Gas Detector

UNIPHOS Fumispec-Hi is a fully automatic microprocessor based portable instrument specifically designed for the monitoring of fumigation using SO2F2. The working range of the instrument is 5 150 gm/m3 with the resolution of 1 gm/m3.

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Gas Monitor

The UNIPHOS FUMISENSE is a microprocessor based Dual-Gas monitor with two separate inbuilt pump for Phosphine and Methyl Bromide respectively. This table top portable instrument can be carried from ware house to ware house and to different silos to monitor phosphine or methyl bromide concentration during fumigation. It has the provision to log the data with ware house number, silo number, sample- Location (Top, Middle & Bottom), Gas conc., Gas Name, Date & Time. It is provided with GUI to sort out the data and generate report at the end of fumigation.

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Fumigation Gas Monitor

A fully automatic, 4-port, unmanned monitoring system which can make periodic measurement and keep the sensor idle between measurements after flushing it with fresh air, resulting in longer life for electrochemical sensors.