Hohner Sensors And Rig Instrumentation

Mud Flow Level Return Sensor instruments are highly active industrial grade devices that are specially designed for heavy duty drilling operations within mining and construction applications to accurately measure level of mud and fluids in drilling well. These components are in high demand as they are designed to control drilling mud which in turn helps to lubricate and cool down drill bit. The electronic elements of these units are enclosed in a rigid stainless steel case that provides excellent protection against harsh industrial conditions. Buyers can get these top-grade Mud Flow Level Return Sensor in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of highly robust and sturdy Air Line Retriever that come in many different variants as per the applications where they are going to be installed. These high performance machines are designed and developed by our team of professional engineers using advanced technologies and heavy engineering materials that provide high strength and rigidity with excellent working efficiency. These machines require standard alternating voltage of 220 to 440 volts to ensure efficient and controlled functioning without any risk of damages. Air Line Retriever manufactured and supplied by our company can be delivered to our clients as per their demands at a reasonable price.