Online COD Gas Analyzer

Online COD Gas Analyzer

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The Uniphos online COD analyzer is a device used for the continuous monitoring of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in wastewater treatment plants, industrial effluent treatment plants, and other applications where water quality needs to be monitored.
COD is a measure of the amount of organic matter in water, and it is an important parameter for assessing the effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes. The Uniphos online COD analyzer uses a colorimetric method to measure the amount of COD in water.

The analyzer consists of a sample cell, a light source, a photodetector, and a microprocessor that calculates the COD value based on the amount of light absorbed by the sample. The device operates continuously and can measure COD levels in real-time, providing immediate feedback on the effectiveness of treatment processes.
The Uniphos online COD analyzer is designed to be easy to install and operate, with minimal maintenance required. It can be configured to monitor multiple sample streams, and the data can be accessed remotely through a computer or mobile device.

Continuous monitoring of COD levels with an online analyzer can help plant operators optimize treatment processes and prevent discharge of untreated or poorly treated wastewater. This can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and protect the environment.
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